about this project

We welcome you to newarkpoems, a web project lasting from January to December 2016, and dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the founding of Newark.

Why newarkpoems?  Poetry from, to or about Newark would have seemed to us, at first, a subject thin in content and even in value. But in our investigations of other Newark-related themes we found so many diverse examples that we thought their quantity and variety deserved a wider audience.

Poetry was a major part of the 250th anniversary celebration in 1916: among other events, the organizing committee sponsored a year-long competition (with cash prizes) and received some 900 submissions. Those judged the best were later published as The Newark Anniversary Poems (1917), of which some (including our inaugural piece, “The soul of the city”) will be reproduced here. But the sweep of Newark poetry is far wider than the output of a single year.

Being independent researchers and colleagues at The New Jersey Historical Society, we see the project mainly through the lens of Newark’s history. We make no claim to literary expertise. We consider the 350th anniversary an opportunity to explore one side of that history in a somewhat public way.

Not everyone who tries or claims to write poetry is successful. Sensibilities and tastes have changed and will continue to change. Inclusion does not in any way signify approval. Our policy is simply to select what we find interesting, present it with a minimum of commentary, and invite your thoughtful response. We hope that some of what we publish will entertain or enlighten you.

You are welcome to suggest a poem for inclusion in the project, whether it is your own work or another’s. Please understand that, because this is a volunteer effort, we may not be able to reply to every suggestion or honor every request.

We would appreciate being alerted to any infringement on the rights of authors or publishers. If we post any work that should not be posted, please tell us and we will remove it promptly.

We hope that you enjoy our tribute of verse from 350 years of Newark history.

GREG GUDERIAN                             JAMES AMEMASOR

November 22, 2015

email : newarkpoems@gmail.com

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