in appreciation

We bring to an end our year-long tribute to Newark’s literary heritage with a note of gratitude to the many organizations and individuals that helped us along the way.

nc-350-new-logoThe Community Foundation of New Jersey/Newark Celebration 350 Fund provided generous financial support for our publicity and online presence.

Junius Williams, John Johnson Jr., Mozell Miley-Bailey and Katryna Peart of Newark Celebration 350 consistently promoted and encouraged our efforts.

Tim Crist, president of the Newark History Society, and Steve Tettamanti, director of the New Jersey Historical Society, gave wide exposure to the project by publicizing it among their members.

Nicole Richards and Joshua Wood helped us with the design and creation of our publicity postcard, which was printed through the courtesy of The Essex County College Press.

We enjoyed the invaluable support, advice, encouragement and fellowship of many scholars, librarians, archivists and arts and history professionals, including Beth Zak-Cohen, Cassie Brand, Catharine Longendyck, †Donna Holmes, Doug Oxenhorn, Gail Malmgreen, George Robb, Heidi Warbasse, Janice Harris Jackson, Joe Bilby, Leigh Montgomery, Linda Forgosh, Mark Krasovic, Martin Minner, Mary Ellen Budney, Nancy Kuhl, Sue Shutte, Tom Ankner, Whit Strub and William Peniston.

The Newark Public Library, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the New Jersey Historical Society were our sources for so many examples of Newark-inspired poetry, as well as information about the poems and their creators. We are deeply grateful to the staff of these institutions for permitting the use of their rich collections.

Poets Betty Neals and Sonya Kimble-Ellis and photographer Andrew Kazmierski kindly allowed us to use their work.

Our project relied upon the labors of many historians who have gone before and scores of poets and artists, some of them otherwise unknown. We were and continue to be inspired by their diverse voices and their visions of the city’s past and future. Because quite a few poets and examples of Newark poetry did not find their way onto the website during the 350th anniversary year, we plan to continue adding poems, albeit with reduced frequency.

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the inspiration of two giants in the study and appreciation of “Our Town on Passaick River.” Although neither Charles Cummings nor Clement Price was alive to see us initiate it or carry it forward, newarkpoems has been a journey that we are convinced we would never have undertaken had it not been for their personal generosity to us, and their exemplary devotion to the history and promise of their adopted city.

GREG GUDERIAN                             JAMES AMEMASOR

December 30, 2016