to borglum’s seated statue of abraham lincoln

by Charlotte Brewster Jordan

Alone, upon the broad low bench he sits,
From carping foes and friends alike withdrawn;
With tragic patience for the spirit dawn
He waits, yet through the deep set eyes hope flits
As he the back unto the burden fits.
Within this rugged man of brains and brawn
The quiv’ring nation’s high powered currents drawn,
As waves of love and kindness he transmits.

O prairie poet, prophet, children’s friend!
Great brained, great willed, great hearted man and true,
May we, like thee, in prayerful patience plod
With courage toward the wished for, peaceful end!
May we thy helpful friendliness renew,
Thou war worn soul communing with thy God!

This celebration of Newark’s beloved Lincoln statue, first printed in the New York Sun, was reprinted in The Book of Lincoln (1919) compiled by Mary Wright-Davis.

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