fountain moved

by E. Alma Flagg

Image: Library of Congress
Image: Library of Congress

Years of my youth,
Long walks to the library,
Short stops in the five-and-ten.
Massive gray building,
Busy street corner,
Greatest street ever.
There was the fountain,
Endless clear water
For all thirsty travelers…
Cool, soothing water,
Treating my being
With refreshment through and through…
New buildings there now,
Old ones demolished–
Feet, take this body
To the Museum garden.
There is our fountain!

In 1903 sculptor Samuel Thornton fashioned a limestone fountain to adorn the headquarters of the Prudential Insurance Company at Broad and Bank Streets. In keeping with the overall design of architect George B. Post, Thornton employed forms of French Gothic architecture. When Prudential demolished this building in the 1950s to make way for a modern office tower, the landmark fountain was donated to the Newark Museum. It may be seen today in a corner of the Museum’s garden.

Alma Flagg’s poem was published in Feelings, Lines and Colors (1980).

One thought on “fountain moved

  1. I like this image – there used to be more fountains in public spaces both for drinking and for inspiration (as I see it). The sound, the scenery, the atmosphere were all influenced by the play of water and light. Often, the sound of the water shut out the noise of the passing traffic and allowed one to focus better (at least, that is what my experience was)…
    Thank you!


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