record world

by Sotère Torregian


my heart at thy sweet voice
                                –Saint Saëns’ Samson et Delilah

        The girl
                        flushes the gold
seas and her eyes lift
with the temperature
of the day
become two moons…

Her hair is an album
of the despoiled countryside
I wander sounds
of love’s fallen arquebuses
devesting themselves

Camille Sabie (second from left in the picture) was a graduate of East Side High School, pursuing a degree in education at Newark State Normal School when she was photographed training in Weequahic Park for the first Women’s World Games in Paris. At the August 1922 competition Sabie set a world record and won the gold medal in the 100-yard hurdles. She also took the gold medal in the standing long jump and the bronze medal in the running long jump. Women’s track and field events were added to the Olympic Games in 1928.

Sotère Torregian’s multiethnic upbringing in Newark led to experiments with internationalist and surrealist poetry. The piece above comes from his 1970 collection The wounded mattress.

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