commitment in a city

by Margaret Tsuda

ESS Newark

On the street we two pass.
I do not know you.
I did not see
if you are—

If we should pass again
within the hour,
I would not know it.
I am committed to
love you.

You are part of my city,
my universe, my being.
If you were not here
to pass me by,
a piece would be missing
from my jigsaw-puzzle day.

I am committed to
love you deeply.

Originally published in the Christian Science Monitor of December 9, 1969, this poem appeared in Margaret Tsuda’s Cry love aloud in 1972.

One thought on “commitment in a city

  1. This is a beautiful affirmation of the city and its ability to bind together otherwise unrelated people and make them special companions to each other – whether they know it or not, simply because they share the same space. It’s a sentiment Walt Whitman celebrated about America and especially American cities.


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