robert treat

by Allen F. Brewer

Image: Library of Congress
Image: Library of Congress

They’ve Robert Treat dramatics
        And a Robert Treat cigar,
Our beer—the pride ‘o Newark’s sons
        Is “Treated” near and far;
They tack his name to fads and frills,
        To hats and brands of shoes,
And Robert Treat’s the slogan
        On some groceries we use.
We’ve got a Robert Treat hotel,
        Our pride today, you bet,
His name’s upon a Newark school
        And soon a cigarette.
And e’en the highest hope of every
        Newarker we meet,
Is to name his “nineteen sixteen boy”
        A Junior Robert Treat.
Thus, should the shade of dear old Bob
        Appear to us today,
What shock must greet his eyes to see
        His name in such display.
The Hallelujah Chorus
        May not chant his name aloud,
But still we’ll bet Bob Treat is famed
        Up where the angels crowd.

According to art historian Ezra Shales, products emblazoned one hundred years ago with the figure of founder Robert Treat and other symbols of Newark’s Puritan past included “cuff links, lapel buttons, brooches, flag buttons, tie clasps, ash trays, silver loving cups, napkin rings, paper weights, jewel cases, match boxes, baby’s mugs, leather coin purses, cigarette holders, book covers and watch charms.”

Allen F. Brewer’s jesting homage to all things “Treat” ran in the September/October 1916 edition of The Newarker.

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