father newark

by William L. R. Wurts

Image: Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger
Image: Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger

Swart with the grime of his crafts are the hands of him,
        Corded his muscles with energy stark;
Stately the buildings and spacious the lands of him:
        Hall, fane and factory; meadow and park.
Lofty his brow with the pride of his history,
        Kindled his eye with the light of his skill;
Genius inventive that solves every mystery;
        Courage that wins by invincible will.

Centuries two and a half has his story been–
        Years crowned with triumphs of labor and lore;
Burning undimmed has the lamp of his glory been;
        Open to all men his neighborly door.
Now he is bidding us all to rejoice with him–
        Sons of your sire, bound by filial vow,
Each of you loyally lift up your voice with him;
        Join in the slogan of Newark Knows How!

William Wurts was a musician and newspaper editor in Paterson, New Jersey. His father George Wurts, regarded as the dean of New Jersey journalists at the end of the nineteenth century, began his career as a reporter for the Newark Daily Advertiser.

“Father Newark” was published in The Newarker of May 1916.

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