newark knows how

by J. Fred Smith

Image: Digital Commonwealth
Image: Digital Commonwealth


In this glorious land of peace and plenty,
        There are cities rich in fame.
But o’er all this land there is none so grand
        As this “Wonder City” I shall name.
There they make almost all things you can mention,
Over all this world its products you will meet;
In the Garden State it’s that city great,
        That was founded by Robert Treat.


How we all love the sight of Military
        Or a stroll through Branch Brook Park,
How we love to gaze at the bright light’s rays
        Such as Broad and Market after dark.
We are proud of the statue of Abe Lincoln
As he sits upon his throne in Court House Square.
They all sing our toast clear from coast to coast
        For they all know that Newark’s there.


Newark you’re a city of perfection,
Newark for you thousands hold affection.
        Good folks are a-journeying, they come from far and wide,
        Come to celebrate the year to which we point with pride,
For twelve score years and ten you’ve led them all,
        To you they bow:
Newark you’re the pride of this great nation,
Others look at you in admiration,
        Even New York with its millions is jealously awed,
        Admits she hasn’t any traffic like Market and Broad.
This world watches ev’ry thing you do
        Because you’ve shown that Newark knows how.

J. Fred Smith published his “Souvenir Song of Newark’s 250th Anniversary Celebration,” with music by Louise M. Robrecht and arrangement by J. S. Glickman, in April 1916.

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