newark settlers’ thanksgiving hymn

by Frank J. Urquhart

Image: Michael Lenson
Image: Michael Lenson

Here in a pleasant wilderness, Thy children, Lord, abide,
And turn to Thee with thankfulness in this November-tide.
Almighty God, Thy goodness grows
More seemly, as Thou dost expose
Thy purpose to our wondering eyes,
Led hitherward by Thee.

Here by Passaak’s gentle flow our humble homes we rear;
Unchafed by want, unsought by woe, we have no cause for fear.
The painted savage peaceful prowls,
The lurking wolf unheeded growls;
With steadfastness we hold our way
Uplifted, Lord, by Thee.

With pious zeal our task we took, and soon the virgin soil
By coppice edge, by whimpering brook, hath blest our sober toil.
Our log-built homes are filled with store
From fruitful field, from wood and shore;
Our hearts are filled with tuneful joy,
With thankful hymns to Thee.

Frank Urquhart wished to convey the spirit of the early Puritan settlers with these verses, taken from his Short History of Newark.

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